Straw Costume Hat


Put this hat on your head to protect you from the harsh sun during a long day of work in the fields. This Straw Costume Hat is the perfect accessory for a wide variety of costumes.

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A HAT FOR ALL SEASONSThe trouble with many accessories is that you can only find a use for them every once in a while.  Sunglasses out of the bright sun might look cool, but only until you start stumbling into stuff.  An umbrella is certain to unleash a curse indoors.  But, the right hat can be a game changer.  Pull down the brim to dodge the wind.  Let some breeze in to cool the head but keep the sun off it at the same time.  Fit in whether you’re in the old west, at the farm, or even go on a grand adventure as a superpowered pirate!PRODUCT DETAILSThis Straw Hat is securely made and breathable so you won’t overheat.  The chin string can hang loose or be looped tighter to keep it from blowing away during those gusts or races you’re about to win. FROM FRONTIER TO HIGH SEASA good hat finishes a great look.  That’s always true.  The only question is what look this Straw Hat is going to complete!  Will you be adventuring in the frontier of the wild west or taking to the oceans as a pirate on a quest to become the king of the seven seas!? 

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