Men’s Silver Hologram Pimp Shoes


Complete your look with these flashy Men’s Silver Hologram Pimp Shoes. These shoes have a heel to them and are silver all over. They tie up with laces on the top.

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Space Age 70sWe’ve always been looking to the stars. No matter which decade we’re talking about, we’re either looking into the galaxy or with wide eyes at celebrities. Of course, when you manage to combine the sparkling splendor of space with the silver style of the 70s, you’re certainly on to something! Whether you’re a real space oddity or you’re trying to give folks the psychedelic swagger of a man on a mission, there are a few tricks of the trade to ensure that all eyes will be on you! It starts with making sure that every step you take gives onlookers a reflection of the world around them. How’s something miraculous like that supposed to happen? Well, with space-age technology (or at least the shiny look of silver holograms), you’ll be stepping out in 70s style! Product DetailsTake your own small steps and giant leaps in this pair of Silver Hologram Pimp Shoes. These shiny shoes lace up for a comfy fit and feature inner linings so every step you take is a bit of bliss. The surface of the shoes have a shiny texture that will have folks certain they’re seeing their faces with every step you take. You’ll be standing tall, too, because the heels give you over three inches in height! A Shining SpectacleWhen you’re striding out in style while wearing these Silver Hologram shoes, you can be sure you’ll be the star of the 70s. Just take care not to rocket too far out there or you’ll lose your spectators! 

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