Adult Pug Sublimated Face Mask


Stay safe and have fun with the exclusive Adult Pug Sublimated Face Mask. Or turn this adorable mask into your next costume! This would be an easy costume idea to wear.

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Snouting AroundEveryone knows that the 100% surefire way to get a cheerful aw, cute! out of passersby is by carrying a pug around with you everywhere. That’s taught in Social Interaction 101, of course. Design & DetailsWe know that lugging around one of those little, snorting dogs is not exactly practical, though. Enter this Adult Pug Sublimated Face Mask, with a contoured nose and chin and elastic cord ear loops to keep you as comfortable as you are keeping everyone you encounter entertained and downright cheerful. Make sure you go out with an action plan for when someone inevitably “boops” your lil’ pug snout.

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