Darth Vader Adult Neck Gaiter


Turn to the Dark Side with the Darth Vader Adult Neck Gaiter. Featuring a long black gaiter with a Star Wars Darth Vader design.

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No More SandDoes Darth Vader ever get too hot in his full helmet? The guy has to travel to the ends of the galaxy in the name of the Galactic Empire, so he’s probably had to spend some time on some seriously hot planets. He probably avoids Tatooine though. Too much sand there.Anyways, we’ve been wondering if maybe Vader had better face-covering options for those warmer climates. We think something like this Darth Vader Neck Gaiter would suit the Sith Lord well on trips to those desert planets (it also helps keep sand out of your face)! It even has his signature mask designed into the front!Product DetailsOfficially licensed from the original Star Wars trilogy, this Darth Vader Neck Gaiter is an adult-sized face covering. The mask is black and features Darth Vader’s mask in front. The gaiter can be worn over your face, or around your neck when not in use as a face mask. It provides a great option for anyone who wants to do their part by wearing a mask, while also letting you showcase your love of everything Star Wars. It even works as a great option to cosplay as your favorite movie villain! This mask can also help reduce the spread of viruses when worn in public, but it is not a N95 device. It is also not intended for use as a surgical mask.

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