Long Straight 3-Piece Ombre Aqua/Grey Hair Extensions


The Long Straight 3-Piece Ombre Aqua/Grey Hair Extensions are a great addition to your look. Put the final touches on a mermaid costume or use them with many of our other costumes!

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The Siren StyleMermaid Hair, it’s the ultimate look that many of us have been dreaming about since childhood. Why do these ladies have such lovely locks? we think we’ve figured it out. Mermaids spend all their time diving through the cold salty water of the ocean. The combination of the salt bleaching their hair and all the magical minerals attaching to their underwater locks would create a unique hue for each and every mermaid. No need for hair stylists when you live 20,000 leagues under the sea. Mother Nature makes sure her mermaids look like the salty sirens we picture while gazing into the ocean surf. Product DetailsIf you’re ready to take a dive into the mermaid style, you’ll love clipping this three-piece set at the base of your head. The blue and silver clips stand out with black locks for an almost sea-witchy look. It gives blond hair a subtly submarine air with silver and blue strands that would look right at home on the beach. It’s about time humans gained access to that famous mermaid look!Maritime ModIf you’re dressing in one of our many mermaid outfits then you’ll love to top it off with this three-piece set. It also works well with witch or ghost costumes. You could even break them out with a regular ensemble to give your Friday night look extra flair! It’s about time your everyday wardrobe got a nautical twist!

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