Womens Disco Dazzler Costume


Boogie down on the dance floor in this women’s disco dazzler costume. Get on the dance floor and show all the party-goers your moves as you bring back the age of disco. Who says it has to stay dead!?

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Being a disco mama kind of girl in a 21st century kind of worldmight make your head spin from time to time, but we got the jiveto have you buzzin’ like a beehive.Come on disco mama, shake your groove thingBreak out of the 2000’s coma and get into that swingCause up a stir making them swoon, wearing this disco dazzler costumeAre you a disco girl that got born into the wrong age? No worries. It happens to a lot of people. You could continue on with your life, pretending like you DON’T want to boogie on down under the disco ball like it’s 1975, but we think there’s a much better option for disco enthusiasts. You could embrace it. Get his Disco Dazzler costume. Feather your hair into a wild 70s’ Farrah Fawcett hair style. Do the bump with your best friend. Dance shamelessly to the sounds of the Bee Gees. Have a great time!This womens disco dazzler costume comes chock full of 70s’ style, so you can bust a move like a real disco queen. It comes with a sparkling top and bottom made from a glittery fabric that will have your shining like a diamond on the dance floor. I also comes with a gold waist sash to match the look. Just grab a pair of stylin’ shades and get your hair done in true 70s’ fashion to become the queen of the dance floor.

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