Men’s Sexy Gangster Costume


Become a sexy henchman for the mob with the Men’s Sexy Gangster Costume. Shirt front has an attached tie and sleeveless jacket had buttons down center front.

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Hey There, DollWhy are mobsters so romanticized? Honestly, we’re not sure. Famous movies like The Godfather probably helped the popular image of the mafia along. Classic stage productions like Guys and Dolls feature some shady gamblers. Then there’s real life stories about men like Al Capone that really draw people in. The mob scene is a big part of eras like the 1920s and 30s. Okay, now we’re starting to see why their image is so popular! Dress up like an old time boss (with a modern, hot twist!) in this Men’s Sexy Gangster Costume. Product DetailsThis costume is inspired by a traditional mobster look, the pinstripe suit. Both pants and jacket use pinstripes. The shirt and tie combo underneath is just a front and is attached to the jacket. The suit coat features working black buttons and the special twist on this mob look—no sleeves! Show off your lethally attractive, 100% legal guns at their best, with no fabric to get in the way. Black wrist cuffs tease about where the sleeves should be. The hat and cigar are not included, but check out our website! We have cigars and fedoras that are just waiting for their perfect ganster match. Fuggedaboutit, Pal!No doubt about it, this is the mafia look destined for greatness. With those muscular guns on display, who could deny your power? You’ll be the don of the family in no time. Get ready for your next costume event by going retro baddie. The mob really wasn’t that great, but in the old days, you couldn’t deny that they had style! You’ll be dancing the night away in a costume that’s somehow classy, sinister, and attractive, all at the same time. Well done, you! When you get to the top, remember your friends at, okay? 

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