Woodland Deer Headpiece


Complete that elegant storybook costume with this Woodland Deer Headpiece. Featuring antlers, and beautiful forest foliage to really spruce up your look.

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Forest Fantasy What is that beautiful creature? Maybe she is a princess turned into a fawn by a wicked sorceress. Perhaps she is a woodland sprite who gives blessings and help to travelers. Maybe she’s just an exceptionally cute deer! Whatever the truth is, questing princes and knights are transfixed by her beauty. They may have gone into the enchanted forest searching for a mythical unicorn or fearsome dragon to slay, but they all forgot their original purposes at the first sight of her slender antlers. Now, their only quest is to be the one to call her “deer!”Product Description You’ll be a magical apparition in this Woodland Deer Headpiece! The felt fabric and wire headband is adorned with charming faux flowers. Two velvet antlers peek daintily above the foliage. The headpiece ties with a ribbon in the back and fits most heads. Just putting it on will make you feel like frolicking in a grassy meadow!

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