Deluxe Red Kings Crown


Being royal, you don’t settle for anything sub-par! Dress like the royal you are meant to be by adding this Deluxe Red Crown to your attire!

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The Glam and the GloryYour costume is great and all. You’ve done a great job. But do you have that element that’ll have people serving up instant respect? That’s where the crown comes in. The crown is important. The crown is the whipped cream on top of the hot chocolate, the cherry on top of the sundae, the sprinkles on top of the cupcake. (Gee, is anyone else hungry) Anyway, the crown is what will make your costume pop in at any event. Make sure you have one on hand at all times when you invest in this lightweight paper crown. Product DetailsThis lovely crown is sure to make your royal debut feel special. The gold paper is rather glossy and has sparkly silver accents dot the gold paper as well as the cross and fleur-de-lis around the bottom. White paper accents the hem like a faux fur texture. A crushed red velvet fills in the look to make sure your crown is instantly noticeable! Having a BallThis crown isn’t only for costumes. It’s a great accessory for parades, dances, and even for the theater department of your school! And with red and gold, you’re sure to shine with all the royal approval you deserve!

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