Descendants Cruella Costume for Women


Be the baddest villain of them all in this epic Descendants Women’s Cruella Costume. This costume includes accessories to help complete your look as the villain from 101 Dalmatians.

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Seeing SpotsRaising a young villain isn’t easy these days. There are just so many good influences out there! You go out of your way to show your kid how to be manipulative and self-absorbed. And what does he do? He applies to go to an uptight, goody-two-shoes school that gives literal “goodness” classes. Not what you had in mind for the future of your only child? How will he learn the value of sacrificing for fashion? Will he ever be able to pull off bursting into someone’s home and demanding access to their newborn puppies? Probably not. Not if he hasn’t been taking your villainous example seriously. Kids these days! They wouldn’t know how to take the elegant evil route if it nipped them in the heel!Costume DetailsAn elegant influencer in the Isle of the Lost, Cruella De Vil is more elegant than ever in Disney’s Descendants. How she manages to stay so fabulous in exile? She’s not telling. But now, you can gain access to her stunning black and white look with this licensed costume from Disney! The black and white patterned coat has plenty of flair, making it perfect for your musical number. Complete with red gloves, all you’ll need to top off the costume is the black and white Cruella wig of your choice (sold separately).Isle Always Love YouSome people just feel more comfortable on the villainous side of the seas. It makes sense. Living on the Isle of the Lost is a lot more fun than the world of Auradon! Everything seems to be a little more interesting from the music to the fashion. Maybe you’ll be able to convince everyone that their obsession with the princes and princesses of the mainland are just too squeaky clean to be interesting once you make your debut this Halloween. After all, how can anyone ignore your spotty influence?

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