Deluxe Black Faux Fur Bunny Tail Accessory


This Deluxe Black Faux Fur Bunny Tail Costume Accessory makes for a cute look with any rabbit look you might be going for, whether cute, scary or even sexy!

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You could try to be a bunny rabbit without this cute Black Bunny Tail, but why? People will be all concerned that you were barely able to escape the farmer when you were scampering away with some carrots one day, and now you don’t have your fun little tail! We can’t have your adoring public so worried about your well being now, can we? Not only that, but you’ll never know what it’s like to shake that tail like there’s no tomorrow to the beat of the music.This cute bunny accessory puts the final touch on your irresistible look. With a faux fur exterior and a cute puffy look, it’s an easy choice for any Playboy bunny style costume. Add it to your showgirl bunny look and you’ll make sure to steal all the attention at the party. Get the rest of your friends together for a whole crew of bunnies.

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