Plush Headband – Sheep


Your child will love wearing this Sheep Plush Headband! This headband fits comfortably and securely on your child’s head. It has faux fur and details that resemble a Sheep’s face.

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Where’d They Go? Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep again! She keeps running into the exact same problem: One minute, all of her woolly charges are nibbling peacefully on the grassy hillside, and the next they’re nowhere to be seen! It’s getting tiresome. The trail of fluff caught in bushes ends at the stream, and Bo Peep is starting to get frustrated. Then she remembers that Mason Mutton had been talking about this really cool video game that his friend Ellie Ewe had just gotten for her birthday. She runs back to the barn and – ha! They’re all playing Destructo-Sheep 360 on their Xbox! Next time, she should just put bell collars on them. Product Details You won’t be counting sheep in this exclusive Sheep Plush Headband – it’s far too much fun! The headpiece features woolly fabric, along with fuzzy sheep ears and sewn-on eyes, nose and mouth details. The band itself is covered with soft fabric for a comfortable wear. Baa BaaWhether you have one, two, or three bags full, you’ll love this cute headband. When you wear it for Halloween, your bag won’t have wool in it – it’ll be stuffed with candy instead! 

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