Women’s Queen Elizabeth I Costume Kit


Complete your royalty costume this Halloween with this Queen Elizabeth I Costume Kit. Features hat and neck collar. Wear them with a royal dress and you are ready to rule over the festivities.

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History TudorWhen did Henry the 8th reign? What about Elizabeth the 1st? It can be hard to remember the cold, hard facts of history. But the dates and the names of the important battles aren’t what really matters in history. Stepping into the shoes of important historical characters will make history come to life in a way that studying for a final simply won’t. This set will help you become one of the first female rulers in modern history. The cap and neckpiece are going to make you feel right at home on the throne. Maybe this time you can work with Spain instead of going to war. But hey, what’s a little history without England and Spain going to war?Product DetailsThis lovely Queen Elizabeth 1 costume set will be a lovely way to top off any Renaissance gown. The set includes a black velvet hat in a style that was popular in the Tudor era. The cap offers plenty of height and is trimmed with gold braid and pearl beads. Fasten the ruff around your neck and you’ll look right at home in the 1500s royal court.Go For the ThroneWant to look just like the queen? Consider layering a red curly wig under this cap. And to really get her iconic look right, paint your face white, paint on skinny eyebrows, and add a dash of red to your cheeks and mouth. You’re sure to royally enjoy your next costumed event!

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