Kid’s American Revolution Soldier Costume


The year is 1775 and it’s time to get ready for war with the Kid’s American Revolution Soldier Costume. They’ll feel like a real soldier in this exclusive costume!

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For the History BuffSome kids are into dinosaurs. Some are into outer space. And some kids, like yours, are really into history! Isn’t it cool to watch your little one take on their own interests and hobbies, and dive into them? You have spent hours watching them look up every battle. You’ve read to them about Bunker Hill, Lexington and Concord, and Ticonderoga. Now sit back, relax, and watch their knowledge shine this Halloween!We think every kid is special, unique, a little bit weird (we LOVE weird around here), and deserving of a costume that makes them truly happy. And for your child? That’s this Kid’s American Revolution Soldier Costume. Once they slip it on, your kiddo’s imagination and war fact database can spring into action, and they will love replaying some of their favorite battles and moments in history. Trust us, it’s really cool to watch your child transform into a brave hero from days gone by!Product DetailsThe effort that has gone into crafting this exclusive costume is truly heroic! It includes the jacket (with attached vest panels), pants, cravat (10 points if you know what this is!), pair of chest straps, and of course, the tricorn hat. Each detail is meticulously placed to look historically accurate and fit for a soldier. So you have a good excuse to tell your child to put their phone away this holiday. It’s totally out of character! This costume is also great for educational plays and performances, and for adding to any imaginative kid’s dress-up closet! Battle BusterHere’s one battle you won’t hear about this year—the battle of the Halloween costumes. Your little historian will love their choice, instantly, and there will be no back and forth about what they’re dressing as to trick or treat. It’s a win-win! 

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