Renaissance Queen Costume for Girls


Let your little girl become the ruler of the land and its people in this Girls Renaissance Queen Costume. This is a great costume for Halloween or going to a historical theme party.

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A New QueenHear ye! Hear ye! There’s a royal announcement on the way!Princess? That was so five minutes ago! Your little girl has been getting kind of restless with her minor royal role in the kingdom and lately, she’s been demanding to be queen. Well, now that it’s Halloween and theme party season, it’s the perfect time to give her that promotion she deserves: from princess to full-on Renaissance Queen.Of course, now that she’s queen, her wardrobe will have to be upgraded in a big way. And this Girls Renaissance Queen Costume is luxurious and rich enough to befit the most powerful of monarchs. All the fair maidens will be envious of her fortune when she steps out to greet her subjects along the trick or treat route.Product DetailsThe light blue velvet shimmers in the light and the long outer sleeves drape elegantly when she raises her hands to rule (and reach for the treats). All the royal jewels appear on this costume, like strands of pearls draped at the gown’s neckline and faux gems on the gold brooches holding them in place. The dress collar stands up just like a fine Renaissance Queen’s should, and it’s covered in pleated netting like a ruff. Gold diamonds are printed on the off white skirt inset. And then there’s her crown – literally the crowning glory of her dress and her reign. It’s gleaming gold plastic and is covered in faux diamonds and will inspire all of her royal subjects to cry out, “All hail little queen!”

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