Robin Hood Costume for Kids


This Kids Robin Hood Costume is a great historical Halloween costume that lets your child re-create one of England’s most beloved legends.

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Lessons From Robin HoodSteal from the rich and give to the poor can be a useful lesson to teach your kids – though you may want to tweak it a bit so they aren’t actually stealing from anyone! Kids are already quite apt to live this mantra by nature – most kids are caring and can see inequities much better than their adult counterparts.But being Robin Hood isn’t all about work – he liked adventure just as much as the next person, probably much more, actually. Getting out and about in the forest and making new friends was something Robin Hood was quite skilled at. After all, they called his band “Merry Men” for good reason!Product DetailsTurn your child into the prince of thieves and the savior of Nottingham in this Kids Robin Hood Costume. This kids costume comes with an olive green hooded shirt and vest combo that has long sleeves and a front placket with brown cord for lacing. The brown suede vest panels fast at the front with three faux leather buckled straps. The details are what truly make this costume stand out: from the matching faux suede gauntlets with padded forearm guards (you know, for all of the arrow shooting), to the matching cuffed boot covers and the pouch that attaches to the black faux leather belt with hook and loop fasteners. The details really bring this costume to life!Halloween EssentialsThis Robin Hood Costume will be a great choice for Halloween fun or for dress-up play. Add a bow and arrow set for the legendary archer (sold separately) and your little adventurer will be ready to lead his merry men against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham!

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