Mayor Costume Kit From Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas


Be the Mayor of Halloween Town from Tim Burton’s classic, Nightmare Before Christmas! The Mayor Costume Kit From Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas includes the Mayor’s tall hat, Mayor badge, and spider for the Mayor’s shirt. This is the perfect addition

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A HEAD-TURNING KIT Jack Skellington is the star of Halloween Town. After all, he’s the Pumpkin King and the town’s hero. He can set himself ablaze, becoming a fiery display in a moment’s notice before putting himself out with water from the town’s fountain. Sally is also another prominent character in the community. She’s known for her adept sewing skills and trying to make a break for it by heaving herself from Dr.Finkelstein’s castle any chance she gets. Of course, everyone knows the resident maniac, Oogie Boogie and his henchmen, Lock, Shock and Barrier. They’re known for being the town miscreants. And don’t forget the Mayor with the 2 faces. He’s a minor character but instantly likable. If you want to dress as the clumsy, cone-shaped comedic Mayor then we have everything you need in one convenient kit. It’s an obscure Halloween Town character Tim Burton fans will instantly recognize and love. PRODUCT DETAILS     This officially licensed kit comes with the hat, spider bow tie, and badge. The stovepipe-type hat is soft to the touch and features wire in the brim, to maintain the larger-than-life appearance. The spider bow tie has an attached elastic band so it can stretch around the neck comfortably while the ‘Mayor’ badge fastens to clothing with a safety pin adhered in the back.MAKING COSTUMES Pair the kit with your favorite suit jacket to complete the look! 

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