Toddler Elf in Charge Costume


Turn your young one into Santa’s cutest little helper with the Toddler Elf in Charge Costume.

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Christmas Cheer LeaderFor the past couple of Christmases, your toddler has been leading the troops. They make sure you have the cookies and candies planned before December. As soon as the first snowflake falls, your toddler has helped get all the decorations perfectly arranged throughout the house. On Christmas Eve they’ve rallied everyone for a night of caroling, followed by a theatrical performance of The Night Before Christmas. Before they let you tuck them in, they double-check the plate of cookies left for Santa and pour a large glass of milk. By all accounts, your toddler is the person in charge when it comes to the Christmas season.Which had you wondering how someone earns a position in Santa’s Workshop. Luckily, we’ve been wondering too and recently sent our Human Resource team up for a chat with Santa and his newest Elf in Charge. It turns out a lot of experience is required (something like 500 years and 5 different workshop assignments). Santa also takes attitude and baking skills into account when awarding the title of Elf in Charge, and from the sounds of it, your toddler surpasses those preferred qualities. Unfortunately, they’re not quite 5 let alone 500.Product DetailsThe good news is, your toddler can still run the show at home in their very own Elf in Charge Costume! Dressed in this 100% cotton dress with its delicate scalloped trim and peppermint buttons, your toddler will look like the spirit of Christmas itself! Elf in Charge is embroidered on the front pocket of the dress and makes your toddler the official titleholder for the holidays. The included hat and leggings give this charming costume a final dash of cheer and guarantee your little one’s Christmas is warm and cozy!Great Christmas ElfWhether they’re leading the Christmas Carols or just tasting the cookie dough, your toddler is always helping spread holiday cheer. Get them ready for their most festive Christmas yet with this Elf in Charge Costume. They’ll be ready to trim the tree and show Santa that even toddlers make great elves!

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