Women’s Jack Skellington Deluxe Costume


About time Halloween Town had a lady in charge, take the Pumpkin reign when you dress as Jack Skellington this year.

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Jack Skellington may be great at Halloweening but when he tried to take on the role of Sandy Claws, everything seemed to go awry. Not only did he mess up Christmas, but the plans for All Hallows Eve must have gotten way behind schedule, with months of work devoted to a holiday that those ghouls and goblins knew nothing about. If the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town had been a lady than the shenanigans that happened around the Christmas takeover would have gone a little differently. First off, Ms. Skellington would never have trusted a bunch of mischievous trick-or-treaters to go and fetch “Sandy Claws”, no, she’d go and fetch the big man herself. Maybe she would even have arranged a meeting with him, get some tips and tricks on how to spread Holiday cheer, instead of assuming she could do it after an hour hanging out on the streets of Christmas Town. Then there would be no need for Santa Claus to be taken prisoner by the evil Oogie Boogie and poor Sally wouldn’t have been put in harm’s way. If you want to take on the role, this costume will give you the authority in Halloween Town to get things done the right way. This suit has a satiny sheen and is charming and modern with a slim cut pant pin and a coat with dramatic tails. Your ensemble becomes official with the bat-like bow tie. It’s time to put things right in Halloween Town. You’ll look so sophisticated in this pinstriped suit that you’ll have no problem even getting the Oogie Boogie man to listen to you. After all, if he doesn’t listen he knows who will pull his string and let him unravel. Maybe all Halloween Town needed was a little female authority.

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