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Will you be Batgirl? Something more sinister? We’ve got you covered with these Wings Glasses. Who needs eyeliner to give you wings when we have a no mess solution right here?

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Keeping a Low ProfileIf you go out this Halloween as some sort of superhero, you won’t want your true identity to be known by the public. Next thing you know, all of the villains know who you really are. Then they might show up to your day job and even start bugging you there. Dealing with the thugs in the back alleys at night is more than enough. The last thing you want is these jokers showing up at your office and making you look bad in front of all your coworkers.  That is exactly why you will want to make these Wings Glasses an essential part of your superhero costume this Halloween. Not only will they go perfect with your heroic ensemble, but they will also help keep your true identity a secret! All of our Made By Us products are made with you in mind. We want you to look your best at all the costume parties but we also want to keep the scum of the streets away from your workplace. Do yourself a favor and grab your own pair of Wing Glasses to complete your Halloween costume. Lastly, keep in mind, this exclusive accessory won’t provide UV/impact protection.

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