Women’s N.B.C Jack Skellington Dress Costume


Dressing up as the pumpkin king has never looked so good. Grab this Nightmare Before Christmas Women’s Jack Skellington Dress Costume, and win best dressed!

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Jill SkellingtonJack Skellington may look a bit scary (he’s a skeleton, after all), but he also looks very fashionable! Pinstripes are a classic choice, no matter how much flesh is on the bone. Are you one of Jack’s many fans? Are you trying to come up with a cute but spooky costume? We’ve got the perfect blend of feminine fashion and creepy details for you! You can dress as an extra elegant Jack in this Nightmare Before Christmas Women’s Jack Skellington Dress Costume. Product DetailsThis dress and jacket combo is classy and easy to wear. The top of the dress is a plain white, with a wide, black satin band about the middle. The skirt portion includes a built in petticoat for the perfect level of poofiness. Bottom layers of tulle mimic the curling, ever creepy style of the Tim Burton movie, with accompanying pumpkins and bats. The top layer is a thin pinstripe to match the cropped jacket. Finish off the look with the batty, stylized bowtie and white fingerless gloves. All you need are some black shoes or heels—and maybe a little face paint!Spooky Party AestheticIn this Skellington dress, you will be perfectly dressed for any costume event. Whether it’s a themed party or a Halloween bash, you can dance the night away in the perfect spooky look. Tim Burton has a very specific style, and it’s part of why fans love his films. Now you can be a walking piece of Burton art! 

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