Hot Rod Rod Kimble Wig and Mustache


The Hot Rod Rod Kimble Wig and Mustache is cool beans. Transform into your favorite movie stuntman and perform any death defying stunts, but be careful because the hospital isn’t a very fun place to be on Halloween.

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THE ULTIMATE STUNT!There are hundreds of strange and physically demanding tasks that you can attempt in order to prove to the world that you are amazing, that your dad was awesome, and that your step-dad should finally start respecting you! Of course, if you are Rod Kimble, you’re sort of destined to fail… at least until the very end, anyway! We think that the most fantastic stunt that Rod (and Andy Samberg who portrayed him) succeeded in was growing that stellar ‘stache! DESIGN & DETAILSProve that you are just as amazing as Hot Rod Kimble when you give a smirk while wearing this officially licensed Wig and Mustache combo from Hot Rod. The wig is frazzled and wild, just like Kimble’s character and the mustache adheres with simple adhesive to give you a nice bushy caterpillar on your lip look! All you need now is some friends to bestow you with a lovely caped look and a bike to leap over those busses! TAKE THE LEAPIt can be intimidating to try to grow a fantastic mustache all on your own. That’s why we are happy to help out with our in-house designed look based on the comedy that redefined stuntwork. Grab our exclusive Hot Rod costume and as soon as you’ve got this stache in place, you’ll be ready to roll!

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