Women’s Wolf Girl Costume


Mark one of the greatest television series of all time and fight for the throne with our Women’s Wolf Girl Costume. Made by us, this costume will help you become a fierce warrior.

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Form the PackSome times, trying to survive through all of the political intrigues and backstabbing of a Renaissance world can just make you want to howl. Who can you trust? This king or that one? The polite-looking castle servant seems like a solid ally but you never know if she’s whispering in the ear of your enemies. Worst of all, you can’t exactly grab your smartphone and look up the details of what is going on. (Not only did they not exist in such adventurous lands, but you risk running into all sorts of spoilers from the Tweets being sent back and forth by all those birds!) How is a Wolf Warrior to ever find her way in such a world? Well, we suspect that you can survive this game of hot and cold. All you need is to be equipped for the adventure that you’re about to take. Our costume designers cooked up an inspired costume so all you’ll need to do is howl out for the rest of your pack to join in on the fun! Design & DetailsWe’ve brought together a literal kingdom of in-house designers to create a Made by Us look that will blend peasant styles and warrior women together: the Wolf Girl costume! It starts with a white, long sleeve blouse. The tunic has lace ties in the front to adjust the fitting and it even has some dark brown accents to give it a rustic feel. The cropped pants are a matching brown color and fit with an elastic band in the waist. To finish the whole look off, this costume comes with a faux leather belt that features a metal hoop buckle. Grab a sword from our accessories and you’ll have everything on your list crossed off! Ready Your SwordWhether you’re heading to the North or across the vast sea, you’ll be at the head of the pack in this Wolf Girl costume. Take over your Renaissance world or even pave your way to the throne. 

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