Wine Goblet Eyeglasses Clear/Rose


Have your wine and cheese with it too this Halloween! Add these fun Clear/Rose Wine Goblet Eyeglasses to your costume and you will be seeing merlot all night long!

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No Beer Googles HereHave you ever heard the phrase about seeing the world, a person, or a situation through “rose-colored glasses?” Well, why not make that saying literal? Grab a glass of your favorite grape beverage and take the metaphor to the next level with these Clear/Rose Wine Goblet Eyeglasses! With a pair of these beauties on your nose, every hour can be happy hour, no matter what beverage you are drinking. So grab some friends and get ready to party! The world may not be pink in real life, but the happiness vibes are real. Product DetailsYou won’t need both hands to double fist these wine glasses—in fact, you won’t need any hands at all! Each eyepiece is shaped like a wine glass with the “wine” sloshing up the sides. The goblets are tilted towards each other in a perpetual toast. So, what are you toasting? Is it someone’s birthday? An engagement party? Or is New Year’s Eve right around the corner? No matter what the occassion, these rosy glasses are ready for a night of fun and, of course, lots of cheers. Let’s toast to all the celebratory occasions that life has to offer! Cheers! 

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