Candy Corn Women’s Poncho


Whats better than dressing up as one of the most well known candy’s during Halloween? Get the Women’s Candy Corn Poncho and give yourself that sweet look.

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Sweet Little NibblesWhy do people love to hate on candy corn? Sure, they can be a bit waxy, but each piece is pretty much 100% sugar, and everyone loves sugar. So what’s the big deal? It seems like another opinion that the internet has taken over. You can find tweets, posts, and memes all over the world wide web slandering candy corn. It seems that the texture of the candy, which is neither hard nor soft, sometimes rubs people the wrong way. Do you like soft granularity of this seasonal treat? Then proclaim it to the world in this Women’s Candy Corn Poncho!Product DetailsNot everyone likes candy corn, but everyone can admit that it has an iconic shape and color palette. This simple poncho is easily recognizable thanks to its wide stripes of yellow, orange and white. As a fun bonus, this poncho also comes with a conical hat that is also done in candy corn colors. With both of these pieces, you will be unmistakable. Maybe you should try carrying actual candy corn on your person, too—you might be able to convert some nonbelievers with the perfect sugary bite! Cheers to Halloween and all of its candies.

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