Taco Purse Accessory


Admit it. You’d like to take tacos with you everywhere. This Taco Purse will get you close while holding your essentials.

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If You’re Gonna Taco Talk…You take Taco Tuesday very seriously. Every week you ensure all three Tuesday meals involve tacos. Breakfast tacos loaded with eggs, bacon, and a fresh pico de gallo start the day. For lunch you take a break from the office and visit your favorite taqueria for the best carne asada tacos available. And for dinner you get creative with another new taco recipe you found online. No one has ever doubted your commitment to the weekly celebration, but you’ve decided it’s time to let the routine go further than your diet, starting with your wardrobe.Product DetailsShow your Taco Tuesday dedication any day of the week with this Taco Purse! The faux leather bag is made to look exactly like your favorite food with layers of tortilla, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. The appliqued heart on the front perfectly reflects your feelings toward the versatile meal while a hidden zipper between the tortilla sides let you carry anything you might need for your next taco experience inside the single pocket….You Better Taco WalkYour taco obsession has become less of a craving and more a way of life. Introduce the delicious dish into your wardrobe (without risking messy salsa stains) with this delightful Taco Purse!

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