Realistic Adult Taco Costume


Are you always eating taco that you think you’ll turn into one? Make your dream, or nightmare, a reality when you wear this Adult Realistic Taco Costume!

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hard shell alwaysYou take Taco Tuesday very seriously. Every week you ensure all three Tuesday meals involve tacos. Breakfast tacos loaded with eggs, bacon, and a bright, fresh pico de gallo start the day. For lunch you take a break from the office and visit your favorite taqueria for the best carne asada tacos available from a nearby taco truck. And for dinner you whip out that little computer in your pocket to order the best tacos the city has to offer straight to your living room. No one has ever doubted your commitment to the weekly celebration, but you’ve decided it’s time to let the routine go further than your diet, starting with your wardrobe.product detailsNo, we’re not talking about pretending that Monday is Tuesday, though we understand the impulse. We’re talking about this Adult Realistic Taco Costume, a sleeveless pullover tunic that fits most body sizes. The all-polyester costume uses the printed graphics of a taco to establish your favorite food for all to see.with queso, pleaseYour taco obsession has become less of a craving and more a way of life in this bad boy. Introduce the delicious dish into your wardrobe (without risking messy salsa stains) with this delightful Adult Realistic Taco Costume!

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