Women’s Police Handcuff Belt


This women’s police handcuff belt accessory is perfect for your cop or prisoner costume. Black faux leather belt adjustable length with metal snaps at each end.

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A Belt for TroublemakersYou’re in real trouble, stop dancing! People like you just can’t be kept down long. Even when those cops put you in your handcuffs, it didn’t take long until you made them into a pretty great fashion accessory. Good thing too, those belts are a hot commodity. With all the shapeless jumpsuits the rest of the prisoners have been issued, the black market belt scene was bound to blow up sooner or later.Product DetailsMaking the best of a bad situation… this faux leather belt appears to have two handcuffs linking across the front. It’s easily adjustable and looks quite real and real stylish.Jailhouse RockWe knew you wouldn’t be kept down for long. Now that you’ve invented the cuff belt, your life in the Hoosegow isn’t going to be nearly as tough. Inmates owe you months’ worth of cafeteria desserts and you never have to wait in line at the phones. Even the guards are getting on board, though you charge them extra. This turn of events makes sense, your fashion sense has always been arresting.

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