Frappuccino Kids Costume


Your child will look deliciously cute in this Frappuccino Costume. This costume includes the tunic that fits comfortably over their head, as well as a headpiece that resembles a straw in the drink.

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Grownup GoalsDoes your kid seem to be in a hurry to get older? Perhaps they’re always telling you what they will do when they’re grown up, like “eat ice cream for breakfast,” or “let the dog on the couch.” However, they don’t always understand the consequences of decisions like that. They can’t wait to move out, but you know they won’t enjoy paying bills. If they’re young, they really, really want a sip of your coffee but don’t realize how much they’ll probably hate it. Why not give them a taste of adulthood without the bitterness and let them wear a frappuccino costume? After all, a few (dozen) spoonfuls of sugar help everything go down easier!Product DetailsNow your kid can feel like an adult without stunting their growth when they put on this Kid’s Frappuccino Costume! The tunic has a friendly green coffee logo on the front, and the ruffles on the top imitate delicious whipped cream. The matching headpiece also features a green felt piece that looks just like a straw. It even comes with a felt bag, complete with handles, to carry all the extra sugar they’ll get. Your kid will have a great time in this delightful costume—just keep an eye on their caffeine intake!

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