Beer Keg Costume


This is exactly what your friends were imagining when you said that you’d bring the keg, but after a few hours, everyone loves a guy in a Beer Keg Costume! Be the life of the party with this Beer Keg Costume, completer with a hat with an attached pump and

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If you’ve ever wanted to be the one guy at the party that everyone—and we mean everyone—wants to be friends with, we believe we have found a means to achieve such a lofty dream. It’s round, it’s silver, and no, it’s not a piece of jewelry.Best part? You can fill this costume with your favorite beer! Just insert the beer right in the wearer’s mouth—if you’re of age, of course—and you’ll be a tapped keg! Upon numerous test trials and rigorous scientific experiments, we’ve concluded that this Beer Keg Costume will turn you into a party animal eyed with adoration by all, far and wide, from the snack table to the dance floor. Just be sure you’re ready to par-tay at the drop of a red Solo cup.Of course, there are openings for the head, the arms, and your weary legs, and there’s even a matching helmet that buckles into place with an attached pump. But what we know you’ll appreciate is the screenprinted text “Beer Keg” across the torso, so everyone—even the guy you cut off just after brunch—makes no mistake about your purpose this Halloween and beyond. Oh, and be advised: while we know you’ll have no trouble finding fun at any house party, we would exercise caution on the streets or at the bar—we don’t guarantee compliance with your local liquor laws!

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