The Adult Jelly Jar Costume


Add some flavor to the party with the Adult Jelly Jar Costume. Make any occasion a little sweeter with an Adult Jelly Jar costume. Great for any food drive and any time someone needs a nighttime snack!

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Pump Up the JamAre you ready? Yeah! For a snacky? Yeeeah? Are you ready? Jammy snacks, alright! Jammy snacks tonight!Nostalgia is tasty no matter how you frame it. Stepping onto a plush carpet that’s warmed by the afternoon sun with bare feet might bring you back to summers at your grandma’s house. Pop songs from the nineties and early 2000s will bring you back to riding in the back seat of your parent’s car. Smelling cut grass on a bright new morning will bring you back to summer days when you sleep in late, waking up to your neighbor mowing their lawn. But there’s no doubt that taste brings us back more than anyone else. Bite into a piece of toast with your eyes closed and you’ll be able to see the kitchen of your childhood, just the way it was. The snacks from our childhood will bring you back immediately. Want to rep your childhood snack? Slip into this Jelly tunic and you’ll do the snack justice with this juicy look!Product DetailsSlipping into this jelly jar suit is as easy as can be! The tunic simply slips over the head. It has a strap that goes around the back of the neck to make sure your look stays in place. Bright color and a classic red plaid pattern create a look that can be spotted from far off!Sugar RushAre you ready to get sweet and sour at the same time? This costume is sure to stir up any costume party. Pair this costume with our peanut butter costume or an assortment of food costumes. This classic jelly jar will have everyone craving toast and jam as soon as they see you. So you’d better bring treats if you’re planning on showing up before lunch. Your jelly really packs a punch!

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