101 Dalmatians Bubble Costume for Toddlers


If your little one can’t get enough of the 101 Dalmatians this Toddler 101 Dalmatians Bubble Costume will have them excited to trick or treat this Halloween! Features a bubble style costume that will have them looking cute and feeling comfortable.

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The Power of Pups!Puppies are a lot more powerful than they seem! They might be adorable bundles of joy, but when they team up, those little furry friends can do some really great things. The pups from 101 Dalmatians even thwarted an evil scheme by the nefarious Cruella De Vil by teaming up and winning the day with pure cuteness!Now, your little one can harness that puppy power when they dress up like one of the characters from 101 Dalmatians! This officially licensed costume turns your child into one of the pups in no time.Design & DetailsThis adorable Toddler 101 Dalmatians Bubble Costume is a great choice for any little fans of the Disney classic! It comes with a bubble body style tunic, which has a soft and plump design. Of course, the exterior has a white and black polka dot pattern, just like a real Dalmatian puppy. The matching polka dot shirt and leggings fit underneath the bubble tunic, giving your child the dotted look from head to toe! The head piece has a Dalmatian face on the front, along with a pair of ears on top. Finally, a pair of gloves put the finishing touch on this adorable outfit.

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