Kids Realistic Taco Costume


If your child loves tacos then he is surely going to love this Kids Realistic Taco Costume. It features a photo real taco costume that slips on like a tunic.

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Mmmm. Taco time!You know it. We know it. Most people know it. The world runs on tacos. It’s a simple fact, but surprisingly it’s not really accepted by everyone quite yet. So the best remedy? Get all your friends and family to become taco-evangelists. And you might already have the best taco ambassadors right in your own home. Your kids!Get this Kid’s Realistic Taco Costume, and they’ll be ready to spread the message of tacos far and wide. This tunic costume features photo-realistic details that perfectly depict a taco. And with the signature shape, no one’s going to doubt that your kids have transformed into the most delicious food item to be found!Product DetailsThis costume consists of a tunic, and it’s fully printed in photorealistic detail. The shell is on the right side of the body, and the meat, toppings, and lettuce are featured on the left! The polyester tunic has a wide opening for the legs and an arm opening on each side. Made of foam-backed fabric, it’s a comfortable style that allows for a full range of motion. It looks particularly great with a black shirt and pants. (A sweatsuit or black skinsuit would work great!)Millions of fansThe top food choice of millions, we’re quite big fans of tacos ourselves which means we’re not pulling any stops when it comes to taco costumes. For the whole family! Get Taco costumes for Ma and Pa, and you’ll be one delicious family. Shop all of our food costumes for even more ideas and inspiration!

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