Girl’s Voodoo Tunic Dress Costume


So your little girl wants to be something scary for Halloween? This Girl’s Voodoo Tunic Dress Costume will be the perfect scary, yet cute costume, that you’ll both love!

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What a DollLook at these fascinating artifacts from the Creole district of New Orleans! One piece stands out more than others – a hand-sewn doll with big eyes and yarn hair. How fascinating to wonder who must have owned this toy! Perhaps the daughter of a workman or a seamstress, or…wait. Did you see that? Are we crazy, or did it just move? And look at its smile – it’s definitely wider than it used to be, and it’s not exactly friendly. That dark stare is a little unnerving, if we’re being completely honest here. What’s more, look more closely at its tattered dress: It’s covered with needle holes. Oh no! We’ve stumbled upon a voodoo doll! We can try to run, but we’ll never outrun its curse! Product Details If you’re looking for a spooktacular costume this Halloween, look no further than the Voodoo Tunic Dress Costume for Girls! The pullover tunic has a tattered hemline and graphics of jagged stitching, patches, a little voodoo doll, and a heart skewered by black and red needles. The attached hood has holes for your pigtails, accessorized by the matching black-and-red yarn hair ties, to peek through. The leggings have one black leg and one red leg. Add a sturdy pair of boots and you’re ready to fulfill your dark purpose! Playtime Is OverNo more tea time and cute little outfits – this doll is a scarier sort than your usual china variety! From Louisiana to Alaska, everyone knows your fame. Maybe it will get you extra candy when you go trick-or-treating! 

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