Adult Eggplant Costume


Ah the eggplant…the fruit that gave us the emoji that lets us send disguised inappropriate message and the fruit that can make a mean eggplant parm. Whatever way you swing it, the eggplant is a pretty cool fruit. So, get this exclusive Adult Eggplant Co

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Welcome to the breakout costume of the year. A real sleeper hit. The costume that’s sure to win you top prize in the costume contest. The Eggplant costume! We know you always have eggplants on the mind, because with their fun shape, purple color, and tantalizing texture… well, how could you not!?Now we’re here to help you bring your eggplant ambitions to life with this exclusive costume. Crafted in our own costume studios, our designers meticulously studied as many eggplant varieties that they could get their hands on to get the details just right. Day and night, they toiled in the costume lab working out every stitch and detail to capture the full glory of eggplant goodness.And you could say that we did right by the vegetable world, because we have definitely captured the eggplant effect with this signature costume! As a polyfoam tunic, it comes in just the right hue of purple to stand out, and it’s topped with a green felt calyx and stem for full veggie style. You can stuff the lower portion of the costume with tissues for a little extra fullness, and with arm holes and a generous hole for your face to peek through, this costume will be a comfy and very appealing way to help you spread the word about eggplants far and wide.”Eggplants are great! Eggplants are delicious! Eggplants are healthy!” Wear the costume, tell your friends, give ’em a call, heck you could even text ’em. Just remember to use the eggplant emoji!!

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