Kid’s Morton Salt Girl Costume


Everyone loves salt and we think your kids will love this Kid’s Morton Salt Girl Costume. This bright yellow dress will make you stand out.

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A Seasoned OutfitA dash of it makes your fries taste like heaven. Sprinkle a little bit on your popcorn and it’s the perfect late-night snack. Of course, we’re talking about salt. Actually, a pinch of salt makes just about every dish taste a dozen times better, so it’s no wonder why you can find a shaker of salt in just about every home in the world. You can also find a certain, lovely little girl wearing a yellow dress in just about every home in the world too! That’s because the Morton Salt Girl has graced the side of the important seasoning ever since 1914, making sure every meal tastes juuuuust right!Now, your little girl can transform into the yellow-clad girl with this Morton Salt Girl Costume for Kids. It’s a Made by Us exclusive, which means you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.Design & DetailsInspired by the humble girl from Morton Salt, this officially licensed costume starts with a vibrant yellow dress with black decorative buttons down the front. The also comes with matching buttons on the cuffs. The costume also comes with her signature umbrella, which has a curved yellow handle and a white, translucent canopy. Both pieces come together for a look that’s both classic and iconic. It’ll add that perfect dash of flavor to any costume party!

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