Realistic Toddler Raccoon Costume


Cute and fluffy, friendly and fun, this Toddler Realistic Raccoon Costume has them all covered. Made by us, this costume is full coverage with a fluffy tail and raccoon headpiece.

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Your Dream PetIf you’re anything like us then you’ve always secretly wanted a pet raccoon. Unfortunately, we can’t all be lucky enough to make that dream come true. Some of us have to settle for dogs or cats, and others get stuck with children. Yes, kids are a great gift and blessing, but it’s not the same as having an awesome little raccoon as a pet.Well, if you are one of those who ended up with children instead of your dream pet, we can offer you this conciliation prize. Check out our Toddler Realistic Raccoon Costume! A toddler is roughly around the same size as a full-grown raccoon… give or take a few inches and pounds. They are also just about as messy as nature’s expert dumpster divers. That’s two out of three, right there. So when you add in this exclusive costume, BOOM. You have yourself a pet raccoon.Details & DesignStart this adorable transformation when you toss the fuzzy gray bodysuit on your tot. The cute black and gray ringed tail is attached to the back. It does not come with any paws so be sure to grab your kiddo a pair of black gloves and shoes.Then you can top off your toddler with the included headpiece. It has all the beloved facial features of a raccoon. There are cute little ears sewn on, along with a short snout that ends with a delightful tiny black nose. Oh, and who could forget the charming masked eyes? Not us!Everybody WinsFinally have the pet raccoon you’ve always dreamed of with the help of your toddler and this awesome Realistic Raccoon Costume from our Made By Us collection. The way we see it, it’s a win-win. Your little one gets to dress up as one of the most lovable critters in the world and you get to pretend for a day that you have the pet you’ve always wanted!

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