Gigantosaurus Kid’s Giganto Costume


Dress up as the leader of your dinosaur herd in this new Gigantosaurus Kids Giganto Costume. Straight out of your favorite Disney Junior series, complete with tail and ‘gigantic’ headpiece.

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A Giant MonsterIt is very hard to be the mother of a Gigantosaurus. When you pick him up from school, he almost always has another note from some teacher about how he ate another kid’s homework or sat on another desk and smashed it. Not to mention the time in gym class when he got picked last for dodgeball and rampaged through the hallways, causing millions in damage before the school nurse could tranquilize him with some warm milk and cookies.Then there’s the trouble and expense he causes at home. Whenever you dare to serve him nasty ole broccoli, he throws a tantrum by smashing a car or two. At age seven, he is a 12-foot unstoppable force of nature made of pure muscle and predatory instincts, so he’s a little harder to control than some of the other kids on your street.All that being said, he is much better about certain things than many of the other kids in the neighborhood. For example, your house is probably the safest on the block. He also keeps all the local Parasaurs and Stegosauruses from eating all your vegetables in the garden. Worth it!Product DetailsThis 100 percent polyurethane foam and polyester Gigantosaurus Kid’s Giganto Costume is guaranteed to turn your entity of pure destruction and chaos into an entity of pure destruction and chaos with a dinosaur outfit on. The velvet crush costume has a hook-and-loop fastener down the back. The foam tail attaches to the costume with another hook-and-loop fastener. The foam headpiece has felt teeth, so you don’t have to worry about your little dino accidentally harming any of the kids dressed as sheep as he pretends to eat them. Phew!A Monstrous AppetiteAt over 30 feet in length, it’s not hard to imagine that the Gigantosaurus might have a huge appetite. Parents should be aware that children who wear this costume may exhibit some of that as well… although, strangely, they seem to only be hungry for candy!

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