Tacky Adult Tourist Costume


This Halloween take a family vacation in paradise with this memorable Tacky Tourist Costume for Adults. You will find yourself laughing the night away.

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Like a Sore ThumbYou’ve seen them before. Heck, maybe you’ve BEEN one before. No shame in that! But we bet you have a specific image in mind when you picture an overenthusiastic tourist. They’re often dressed loudly, and they talk loudly, too. Well, who can blame them? They are on vacation and probably having a good time! Now you can pretend to be an out of town gawker, even at the party just down the street. Show off your savvy travel tricks in this silly Adult Tacky Tourist Costume!Product DetailsThis jumpsuit has all the tacky details your heart could desire! Long, baggy khaki shorts are attached to an overly bright, Hawaiian style shirt. A bit of wire around the middle gives you that good food overload vacation bod! This suit is great on its own, but the best part is letting your imagination run wild with the accessories! Throw on some socks and sandals, or put on a large hat and sunglasses. Smear excessive amounts of sunscreen on your nose. A fanny pack and a selfie stick wouldn’t look out of place, either! You can mix and match to your heart’s content. Check out our website to find some of these perfect travel accessories!Fun in the SunNo matter how chilly the day of the event, there’s always sun and beachy air when you wear this tourist suit! It could be fun to wander around your town and gawk at the sights—and have people gawk at you!

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