Adult Realistic Raccoon Costume


Now you can become your favorite spunky woodland creature with our Adult Realistic Raccoon Costume! This costume features a full length jumpsuit with an attached striped tail and a hood with a raccoon face and ears.

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Keepin’ It Raccoon-ly RealHas this ever happened to you? You’re just standing there, minding your own business and you see an unattended trash can. Suddenly, you start to wonder what’s hiding inside of it. The curiosity grips hold of you and it becomes the only thing that you can think about. Maybe something interesting is just under the lid. Maybe there’s some kind of amazing treasure inside of that can. Maybe it holds all of the answers to adult life that you’ve been seeking all of these years. After a moment of deep, reflective soul-searching, you decide that it’s worth the gamble and you creep over to the trash can to take a little peek inside. Then, suddenly, everything goes wrong!As you attempt to open the lid, the entire can falls over. It slams into the ground with a thud! Old banana peels, discarded tin cans, and an old Chinese take-out box tumble onto the concrete. A nearby porchlight illuminates the night and you hear the sound of belligerent shouting. A screen door creaks open and you panic! Without thinking, you snatch a tin can and scamper off into the night, chattering and cackling. You can even hear someone shout, “TRASH PANDA!” as you make your getaway…. okay, so maybe that’s never happened to us (or anyone, really). But you know what, sometimes we do imagine what it’d be like if we were raccoon instead of a human being! And that’s why we made this Realistic Raccoon Costume!Design & DetailsOur costume designers wanted to craft a realistic raccoon experience, and this Made by Us costume is what they came up with! The Realistic Raccoon Costume for adults. It comes with a jumpsuit that’s covered in a layer of soft, faux fur. The back of the suit even has a striped tail attached to the waist. The hood has a realistic raccoon face designed onto the top, so once you have it on, you’ll be ready to scamper off into the night!The Real FeelWhile we don’t recommend that anyone go around tipping over trash cans like many real raccoons do, this realistic outfit might just give you a strange urge to try it!

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