Girl’s Guardian Angel Wig


Complete your angel costume with this Girl’s Guardian Angel Wig. The perfect blonde wig for the perfect Guardian Angel.

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Sent by HeavenDoes your kiddo know exactly how to put on the charm? Whenever you are maybe a bit suspicious that they’ve been up to something… let’s just say questionable, do you notice that they raise their eyebrows in surprise, making those big old eyes seem to drink in all the light, their sweet face going smooth and pure. How could this creature sent from the glorious heavens above have possibly done anything mischevious or against the rules!?It’s impossible, clearly. Of course, that is exactly what they want you to think. Who knows what tricky ideas they’ve got going on in their heads. Candy thieves and bedtime dogers, all of them! Still, look at that face!Product DetailsGive those kiddos a break and let them show off their innocent nature (even more) when you give them this Guardian Angel Wig. It is a hat of long and wavy blonde hair that shows that they’ve come from above. The halo will practically gleam! Perfect for a full angelic look or to augment other divine costumes. Pure InnocenceWe know the kiddos are always up to something. Imagining how to get their hands in the cookie jar or sneak some game time when they should be doing homework. (You know… all the things that we adults also do as often as we can manage!) Let them show you how innocent they are with this Guardian Angel Wig. 

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