Frozen Kristoff Deluxe Adult Costume


This Kristoff Deluxe Adult Costume is a licensed character costume from the popular Disney movie Frozen. Get ready to survive the harsh cold. Now all you need is your reindeer friend!

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Ice Ice BabyBe honest…do you have Frozen fever?Just admit it. Do you love singing “Love is an Open Door” at the top of your lungs? Do you hope that every snowman you build turns into a magical snowman like Olaf? A little bird also told us that you’ve been sneaking in your daughter’s room to try on some of her Frozen dress-up clothes? Don’t worry, we don’t judge! Although, that Elsa dress has got to be way too snug for your frame!Frozen is a great movie, an animated classic even, and there’s no need to be embarrassed if you’re a grown man who likes to build a snowman in the winter and talk to reindeer at the zoo. In fact, we think that your child isn’t embarrassed by you at all, in fact, she most likely loves having a father like you because you enjoy the same things as her! Be proud of your parenting and keep dressing in Frozen costume…but maybe just dress in ones that are actually your size.Product DetailsThis officially licensed deluxe Kristoff costume will turn you into Princess Anna’s love interest easily and comfortably (that’s right, no more squeezing yourself into sparkly dresses!). This costume comes with the tunic, pants, hat, belt, and boot covers so you will have the complete look. This costume is comfortable and soft so you’ll have no problem wearing it while you watch Frozen with your little girl.Sven Costume FeverAll you need is a reindeer best friend named Sven, and you’ll be totally transformed into the animated character. We hear if you’re lacking a reindeer best friend all you really need is a big bag of carrots and they’ll come a running. Now learn those lyrics and get ready to delight your daughter with an incredible Frozen karaoke night like she’s never seen!

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