Plus Size Spartan Cheerleader Costume


Become half of the hysterical cheerleaders- the Spartans! This Plus Size Spartan Cheerleader Costume will turn you into a Will Farrell look alike!

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Cha-cha-boochie, cha cha cha boochie! Roll Call! My name is Craig, and I love costumes. I am a Spartan, so check me out. Hey Craig! Ask the best gal in your squad to channel perky Arianna and then team up to recreate this hilarious duo from SNL fame! You could be reciting all of the classic Spartan cheers and cracking up your pals along the way. It’s OK that you didn’t make the cut to be an actual cheerleader, because when it comes time to get R-O-W-D-I-E (‘cause that’s the way you spell rowdy) for Halloween, this Plus Size Spartan Cheerleader Costume will have you outfitted for ultimate success. Just make sure you do some ample stretching before you suit up so that you can be sure to nail all of the challenging physical requirements of this role. And tell Arianna to fix her split ends before the big festivities. Make sure you carry an athletic towel to dab yourself dry as you take position and perform all night. The elastic waist of these red pants allows for all the herkies and kicks you can muster, while the classic Spartan top makes you look official, even though…you know…you’re not. If you finish off this uniform with a curly wig, you may look just like Will Ferrell as you drink nine cups of coffee in the first hour of the get together, ensuring you have enough energy to perform all night long. Talk about taking one for the team. All together now: I say who’s that Spartan at the par-ty?” It’s you! It’s you!”