Disney Little Alien Men Baby Carrier Cover


Take your travel adventure to the stars with this Little Space Men Baby Carrier Cover! No matter how far you take your little one they will always look like they’re far from home!

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Stranger from the Outside There is a presence in the house who decides who will go and who will stay. That presence is sometimes called “Mom” or “Dad,” and is in the habit of picking things up with gentle hands and putting them in carseats or strollers to go somewhere interesting. What mystic portal will be visited next?Product DetailsAll of your friends will say “Oooooooooooh!” when they see this officially licensed, exclusive Disney Little Space Men Baby Carrier! Inspired by the Toy Story movies, the stuffed velour carrier is shaped like one of the three-eyed aliens first seen in an arcade game. Stuffed arms and an embroidered Pizza Planet logo provide fun details. The included green headpiece has fabric ears, a matching antennae, and embroidered eyes and mouth details. You’ve Got a FriendThis cute carrier set will keep your baby so warm and cozy that he or she will be happy to accompany you on all kinds of adventures! Pair it with your own Woody, Buzz, or Jessie getup to complete a cute family costume – but keep an eye on your little one around any arcades.  

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