Jareth Labyrinth Adult Wig


Become the Goblin king from the 1980’s movie Labyrinth this Halloween with this Jareth Adult Wig. Be sure to pair it with the Labyrinth Jareth adult costume.

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THE TRUE KING’S CROWNFolks tend to believe that the thing that makes a king is the crown that is worn.  It seems that every monarch is always trying to have the most ornate looking headpiece, made of twisted silver and gold, proud stag horns, or a gem-encrusted tiara that costs half the kingdom’s wealth.But, those who have seen real power know that a true king doesn’t need any such fascinating adornment!  Any with the guts to pass through the mysterious labyrinth and come upon the castle of the Goblin King would gasp in sheer jealous wonder at Jareth’s amazing locks! DESIGN & DETAILSChannel your inner Goblin King and become the mystifying magic man, himself, with this exclusive Jareth Wig from Labyrinth.  Our own magical designers faced the twisting walls, Fireys, and Helping Hands alike to replicate the top-notch style of Jareth.  This licensed, styled wig is a perfect recreation of the iconic look of the Goblin King from the long blonde locks and shorter fiber spikes to the glittering blue accents.  THE MAGIC WITHIN YOUYou’ve likely already got all the mystique you need to pull off the rulership of the strange land of Labyrinth, but nobody can truly stand toe-to-toe with David Bowie!  You deserve a little shortcut with the help of our designers and this magical Jareth Wig.  Keep your locks stylish so you have time for the Magic Dance! 

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