Skull Beverage Funnel Party Prop


Bring the ultimate party favor to your Halloween gathering. The Skull Beverage Funnel Party Prop is going to be a huge hit, so don’t be afraid to pass it around as a victory trophy!

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Drink to your healthThere are a lot of ways to seek refreshment out there. Medieval kings used to gulp wine out of jeweled goblets while minstrels entertained them with songs that tread the dangerous line between political satire and alliance with their boss. Roman socialites used to lay back on their couches and sip from bowls. And the Vikings, of course, proved their tough nature by drinking out of horns. None of these people drank the same exact beverages. And they didn’t drink for the same reasons. But, we have to think that when they wanted to drink with their good pals, they wanted to drink out of a container that no one would forget. Why else would you embed rubies into a cup?Product DetailsThis beverage funnel is ready to use after a good hand washing. At thirty-three inches long, the spinal cord gives you plenty of momentum to get your beverage to where it needs to be, though it may be more macabre tube than you’re used to. Bored to DeathIf you’re ready to shake up your next party the key is in the details. Send a spooky sensation into a could be a run-of-the-mill celebration with a dark color scheme and atmospheric lighting. Throw up a little bit of spider webbing. And never forget the kitchen, you never know when a deathly beverage funnel will liven up your party!

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