Stylable Autumn Wig


This Stylable Autumn Wig is the perfect way to look naturally good. With a hair color that isn’t far out of this world, it’ll be easy to believe that yes, your hair is that stylish,

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Instant Salon Getting your hair juuuuust right can be such a pain. You’ve got to shower, spritz, gell, comb, blow dry, straighten, curl, spray, tease, pin….tired yet? Us too. If only there was a way to get perfect hair without doing a hundred different steps. Oh wait, there is a way! Product DetailsHave camera-worthy hair in an instant thanks to this Adult Stylable Autumn Wig! A comfortable mesh wig cap with a fitted edge is covered by shoulder-length reddish brown synthetic hair. The long bob comes pre-styled in a gentle side part and curled ends, but can be styled further with your preferred tools. Great Hair Day Having a day when your hair already looks amazing and you don’t have to do anything to it before leaving the house feels like winning the lottery. Thanks to this wig, every day can feel this way! Use it to complete a fun costume or just to add some variety to your regular look. 

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