Pixel Necktie Blue/Black


Yes, the Pixel Necktie Blue/Black is the best-looking tie. If you’re into 8-bit retro gaming you’ll love the look of this blue and black necktie!

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A Retro LookMost of us love getting new things. There’s always that little jolt of happiness when you receive a gift or buy yourself a shiny new replacement for a worn-out item. So many products are advertised to us as “new and improved,” and it’s certainly nice to keep some things updated. For example, if you’re still using a router from 2003 for your Internet connection, it’s not going to work very well. And when your car breaks down, it’s nice to get one with better fuel efficiency that causes less pollution, if possible. However, we do think some things are better when they’re old-school!Product DetailsIf you’re a fan of all things classic, try this Pixel Gamer Blue/Black Necktie. It’s a versatile accessory that can go with many costumes. Perhaps you’re impersonating a video game character who gets pulled into our world. Maybe you’re trying to convey a “nerdy” persona. Or maybe you just think this is a good option for your real-life job as a software developer. We’re sure that you’ll have almost as much fun wearing this tie as you did playing the video games that had the same number of pixels, no matter how or where you decide to wear it!

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