Kingdom Hearts Kairi’s Keyblade Accessory


Only Kairi can yield this Kingdom Hearts Kairi’s Keyblade Accessory, but when you match it with a Kairi costume you will be able to yield it too!

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Forge Your FateWhen the fate of your friend is in danger, you need to do whatever it takes to save them! That’s why Kairi picked up a keyblade. She wanted to save Sora. Of course, no one knew that her keyblade would transform into this beautiful piece of art! Destiny’s Embrace is the embodiment of her pure heart, and now you can have a version of the Kingdom Hearts weapon of your own.Product DetailsThe Kingdom Hearts Kairi Keyblade is a toy replica based on her weapon from the Disney inspired video game series. It measures a full 34 inches long and features plenty of great details. The handle and hilt have a blue and yellow color scheme, which twirl into a vine pattern the blade portion features molded flowers and vines to round out the look.Cosplayin’ with a KeybladeWhether you plan on protecting your friend from Nobodies, or if you want to create a highly realistic Kairi cosplay outfit, then this toy keyblade accessory is exactly the thing you need! It also doubles as a great collectible that you can display with the rest of your Kingdom Heart’s collection when you’re done dressing up as Kairi!

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