Adult Turkey & Pumpkin Pie Socks


If you’re looking for a great accessory to compliment your Thanksgiving costume this year, make sure to grab a pair of these turkey & pumpkin pie socks!

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No Leaving Leftovers!We love Thanksgiving leftovers. In fact, we might even venture to say that some of our favorite foods taste better the second time around! But not everyone agrees with us, and we completely understand.For instance, you might not like a bunch of containers taking up all the space in your refrigerator. Or perhaps they tend to get shoved behind other things and forgotten until they start producing some rather unique odors. Or maybe you just can’t stand the taste of microwaved potatoes! So, if you need a little extra motivation to gobble up the last bit of turkey or polish off the remaining piece of pie, we have just what you need!Product DetailsWhen you sit down to eat your holiday meal, you’ll want to make sure you’re up to the challenge. Give yourself some extra encouragement with these Turkey and Pumpkin Pie Socks! These comfy knit socks are decorated with graphics of turkey legs and pie slices, and clearly state that “leftovers are for quitters.” When you put on these socks to eat Thanksgiving dinner, your toes will be cozy and your tummy will be full!

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